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Lean Healthcare has become a premier strategy for responding to North America's healthcare crisis. Lean methods of improving quality and safety while eliminating waste are showing dramatic, sustained benefits when applied in healthcare.

As led by HPP, Lean Healthcare is not just another project: it's a way to transform your entire organization into a high-quality, high-performing Lean Healthcare delivery system. And it quickly delivers bottom-line results.

Lean Healthcare Consultants and Trainers

HPP has assembled an array of Lean Healthcare Consultants and Trainers with unparalleled depth and experience. HPP already has an impressive, decade-long track record of successful Lean implementation and training at several major American corporations throughout the world.

But in addition to Lean Healthcare practitioners, Six Sigma black belts and industrial engineers with first-hand experience in shop-floor methods, HPP staff also includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and healthcare administrators. As a team and as individuals, these Lean Healthcare Consultants and Trainers have spent years perfecting the application and teaching of these principles in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

Together we can build your organization's core Lean Healthcare competencies in a way that becomes self-sustaining after our engagement ends. We will tailor a practical, focused approach that quickly generates enthusiasm among your staff, and sustainable improvements that yield a rapid return on your investment.

We'll help you set the stage for amplifying those bottom-line results into the future.

Lean Healthcare Services

HPP is a proven Lean Healthcare industry resource, providing:

  • Lean Healthcare Training Programs 
  • Value Stream Mapping 
  • 5-S projects 
  • A3 Thinking 
  • Lean Healthcare Kaizen/Rapid Improvement Activities
  • Six Sigma/Lean Healthcare integration
  • Lean Healthcare Conferences
  • Lean Healthcare Architectural Design and Support Services
  • Lean Facility Design and Maintenance
  • Lean Facilitator Development
  • Sensei/Executive Coaching and Development
  • Strategy Deployment/Hoshin Kanri Coaching

Lean Healthcare Transformational Services

HPP has created the most comprehensive package of proven Lean Healthcare services available anywhere. HPP's dual approach, featuring innovative education and targeted rapid improvement, has already helped numerous healthcare clients throughout North America and Europe build internal competency and sustainability while guiding staff in fixing critical problems through rapid improvement and daily problem-solving.

The objective is to help your organization realize both immediate and long-term results while making Lean Healthcare a way of life long after our engagement ends. As the journey progresses, you will note rapid, dramatic and measurable improvements to processes, staff morale, and the bottom line.

Here is the Lean Healthcare transformational sequence that has proven most successful in the hospitals in which we have implemented Lean:

  1. Senior leadership education/organizational planning. Your Lean transformation journey begins with thoughtful consultation, planning, and communication, and careful preparation of the leadership team. This is not only essential to determine the leadership commitment and engagement, and to establish a realistic goal for implementation. Organizational success with this program depends completely on alignment of senior leadership direction, understanding and participation.
  2. Middle management education. The CEO must establish this work as a priority to mid-level management. HPP assists with education to initiate the understanding and implementation of the system.
  3. Kaizen events. Guided by HPP's team of expert on-site coaches, the team jump-starts the work on the ground with an event known as Rapid Improvement or Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning change for the better. This 5-day event involves the entire staff in a high-value area or service line that justifies a significant commitment of resources. With guidance, 6 to 12 frontline staff members delve deeply and immediately into a process, learning to discover and correct problems with a series of activities that create enthusiasm, impact, and data-driven results.
  4. Comprehensive Lean Healthcare training that encompasses everyone from top managers to frontline staff. Lean Healthcare training builds momentum along with the understanding that these techniques yield something for everyone. HPP training includes:
    • Lean Foundations for Healthcare, a 7-week session (one day/week) helps participants view work as a system, rather than a series of tasks. Participants in this class, usually a mix of frontline workers and middle- and upper-level managers, apply what they learn directly to the work they are doing. It's this systems thinking, a new way of doing work, that differentiates Lean from all other improvement projects, which often arrive with fanfare and later tend to evaporate.

      Ideally, over time each unit develops at least two strong coaches, to whom the staff looks for problem solving assistance and whose responsibilities ensure that no problem goes unaddressed or unreported.

      HPP offers an instructor course to teach key staff members how to instruct the reVIEW Course internally. Over this 8-week session instructors co-teach and co-coach alongside HPP experts, building confidence and independence. HPP makes course materials for new instructors, helping you create your own turn-key Lean Healthcare training program.

    • Value stream mapping, delineating how your process actually works, and how it ought to. This visual approach to identifying glitches is simple in concept, but revolutionary in the clarity it adds for the entire staff. Value stream mapping helps people discover what part of the problem will yield the fastest results.
    • A-3 thinking, a simple but intense method of analyzing problems and solving them, one by one. The A-3, a simple piece of paper divided into problem-solving segments, helps organize and closely focus what is known about the problem, and outlines experiments in solving it
    • 5-S events to introduce efficient, standardized and visual workplace organization.
  5. Additional assistance, which can be specifically designed for your organization, including:
    • Process standardization and visual workplace design
    • Mistake proofing development and Poka-Yoke tools
    • Changeover optimization of rooms and resources
    • Six Sigma healthcare projects (HPP Black Belt trained associates)
    • Lean Healthcare and Six Sigma integrations
    • Lean Metrics design & development
    • Pull systems and Flow healthcare solutions
    • Visual workplace design
    • Simulation tools for new processes
    • Quality solutions
  6. External Coaching. In addition to Lean/Six Sigma black belts and engineers with first-hand experience in Toyota shop-floor methods, HPP staff also includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and healthcare administrators. These staff members are available to act as coaches for complex problems or when an organization is ready to take a step to the next level.

For more information about bringing Lean to your healthcare organization contact us at: info@hpp.bz or call (615) 206-0701.

“The HPP team's ability to achieve buy-in from our management team and our Associates was a key factor in the success of our Lean Healthcare initiatives.” William T. Sugg, President & CEO Sumner Regional Health Systems

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